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About Us

Dear Visitor,


Our sector needs to form a strong front to weather the storms that we have been hit with and the storms that are still ahead of us. We need to develop and maintain collaboration within our sector. We can achieve this by involving and uniting all stakeholders in Bonaire’s cruise industry. Only by working together can we really help shape our future in an active way. With the resumption of cruise in September, the need of working together only gets stronger. Making the right choices now for the future can make us come out of this crisis stronger than ever.


The Bonaire Cruise Tourism Association has recently been founded and is welcoming new members. We need to show Bonaire the value of our beloved tourism sector. By joining the Bonaire Cruise Association you can play an important part in achieving one of our goals: working together as a united sector by having a unified voice. Together we can claim our seat at the table and represent the cruise tourism sector on Bonaire. As an association we aim to continuously improve our industry and protect the interest of our members and the whole sector.


Please find an application form attached, we are looking forward to working together towards a brighter future.





Best regards,



The board of the Bonaire Cruise Tourism Association

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