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The Association may distinguish the following categories of members:

1. Business Membership: which is open to businesses active in the tourism industry and
  other businesses that are dependable on cruise tourism.
    The Business Membership may be subcategorized in:
    a.  Platinum Business Members    US$ 1000 per year
    b.  Gold Business Members          US$  500 per year       
    c.  Silver Business Members         US$  125 per year
    d.  Taxi Membership                      US$ 75 per year
    The requirements for the different subcategories of Business Membership is included in
     the BCTA Rules and Regulations;

2. Taxi Membership: which is open to taxi drivers with an active taxi permit issued by the
     competent authority in the Public Entity of Bonaire.

3. Honorary Members: which are natural persons who have made a special effort for the association.

A membership of the type 1. is only open to a legal entity, such as a Limited Liability Company (in Dutch: naamloze vennootschap (N.V.)), Private Limited Company (in Dutch: besloten vennootschap (B.V.)), foundation, association, regardless of any changes in the legal representation of the member legal entity.

In addition to the members, the association also may have Individual Friends. Individual Friends are those who endorse the objects and activities of the association and who support the association through periodic financial contributions. An Individual Friend can be any natural person of legal age according to the laws of BES and residing in Bonaire. Individual Friends may attend and speak at the General Meeting, but do not have voting rights.

Further requirements for the qualification as member for the different types of Membership and/or as Individual Friend are included in the BCTA Rules and Regulations

Best Regards,

The board of the Bonaire Cruise Tourism Association

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